Event date: 22/2 20:00

DJ Krush will bring new album to Prague

Great news for electronic music lovers! One of the most important and influential DJs, Hideaki Ishi aka DJ Krush, will fly to Europe in February to present his new album in a few exclusive shows. DJ Krush has scheduled the release of his new album for the beginning of his European tour. The album will be released on the 21st of February and on the 22nd Krush’s Prague performance awaits us. Fans will be able to enjoy the new tracks fresh!

DJ Krush started his career in the 90’s and since then has developed a unique and unmistakable sound that combines elements of hip hop, downtempo, ambient and trip-hop. He is known for his distinctive style, full of atmospheric depths that draw the listener into hypnotic rhythms that can make you completely forget where you are as you become fully immersed in the music.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, DJ Krush has had countless hits and collaborations with many major artists. He has fans all over the world, and despite being on the scene for over three decades, he is still seen as one of the most innovative writers of atmospheric breakbeats, unafraid to work with jazz and soul samples or even traditional Japanese instruments.

In addition to his production and remixing activities, DJ Krush has also been involved in the creation of soundtracks for films and TV series, or even music for commercials. He is an all-round talent who never loses his drive and who knows how to engage his audience. Not only with his sets, but also with visual effects and a dazzling light show. Don’t miss out!