Event date: 2/4 20:00

Russian Circles back in Prague after four years

Legends circulate about modesty of the instrumental post-metal trio Russian Circles. They grow directly proportional to the mileage of the …

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Event date: 24/3 20:00

United Flavour Here to stay album release party

An international group United Flavor prepared a big comeback! Already in February, they returned to the music scene with a party single Candela, …

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Event date: 27/2 20:00

Talented British band Seafret brings new album

Talented couple from the British Yorkshire, the band Seafret set a date for the release of their highly anticipated new album ‘Most Of Us Are …

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Event date: 12/3 20:00

Ageless legend DJ Krush back in Prague

Legendary Japanese DJ and producer DJ Krush refuses aging and goes on yet another world tour during which will return to Lucerna Music Bar on …

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Event date: 20/2 18:00

World-renowned guitarist Jesse Cook will visit Prague

World-renowned guitarist and Juno Prize winner will come to Prague on February 20, 2020 to show off his free style of guitar playing, blending …

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Event date: 3/3 19:30

Dancehall party with Elephant Man is heading to Prague

On 3rd of March, Lucerna Music Bar will host a huge dancehall night with Jamaican headliner Elephant Man! He will be supported by local bands and …

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Event date: 21/2 18:00

Algires will return to the Lucerna Music Club after a year

Algiers will return to the club premises of Lucerna Music Bar almost exactly after a year on February 21, this time with their brand new album …

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Event date: 6/2 19:30

Gaia Mesiah will release album Refresh In Golden Hive (Live)

Good news for fans of zhe band as well as for the whole Czech music scene! Gaia Mesiah didn’t take a brake after their last year’s …

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We have gift vouchers!

Give your loved ones a concert experience. We sell gift vouchers via Click HERE For now the vouchers can be applied for these shows. We …

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Marpo & TroubleGang album DVA release party

After the big success of last year’s Dead Man Walking album with which they sold out the O2 Arena in Prague, Marpo & TroubleGang are …

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Event date: 18/12 20:00

Indy & Wich + LA4 připomínají 20

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Event date: 24/11 19:30

Lamb are coming back with new album

The return of Lamb is like a bright and shining light that will dazzle you on November 24 at Lucerna Music Bar. It starts with a lone voice …

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Event date: 17/11 19:00

Incognito coming back to Lucerna Music Bar after 4 years

The British band Incognito that have been spreading soul and funk vibes for unbelievable fourty years are coming back to Lucerna Music Bar after …

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Event date: 19/11 20:00

Bluesrock stars Welshly Arms are going to conquer Prague again

Cleveland’s band Welshly Arms, who performed for the first time in the Czech Republic last year and without blinking sold out their concert …

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Event date: 15/2 18:00

Kiefer Sutherland will come to Prague with his band

For over thirty years, Kiefer Sutherland has been a professional actor with roles in films such as Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, The Young Guns, …

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Event date: 14/11 20:00

Hrací skříň Praha will baptize new album Tvoj Mňaukoš

Hrací skříň Praha is coming back to Lucerna Music Bar! This year they will baptize brand new album Tvoj Mňaukoš. Dress code: cats, hearts ❤️ …

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Event date: 5/12 19:30

Krucipüsk will celebrate release of COUNTRY HELL

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Event date: 7/11 20:00

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour celebrates 10 years since the release of Fruit

Copenhagen indie pop band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of their debut album Fruit with a string of …

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Event date: 8/12 19:30

Skindred are coming back with new album Big Tings

British Skindred are coming back to Prague with their new album Big Tings that came out in April 2018. This ragga-punk-meal band are famous for …

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J.A.R. se v dubnu 2020 vrátí se třemi koncerty

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Android Asteroid will baptize new LP Amoeba

Android Asteroid will baptize new LP Amoeba in Lucerna Music Bar on October 10th. Noisy Pots will play as a support. You can buy tickets for 250 …

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Event date: 26/10 18:00

Thurston Moore is bringing new album Spirit Counsel

Founder, singer and guitarist of cult alternative rock band Sonic Youth Thurston Moore will return to Lucerna Music Bar after five years to …

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Event date: 17/10 20:00

Australian Hilltop Hoods coming with new album in October

Australian hip-hop group will come to Prague as part of a world tour for the new album The Great Expanse, which was released in February. The …

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Event date: 6/8 20:00

Last tickets for Tove Lo

The first solo concert of the Swedish singer Tove Lo in the Czech Republic is close to being sold out. Last 100 tickets are left. If you …

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Event date: 3/9 20:00

Legendary rockers Helmet will celebrate 30 years in September

Seminal New York City rock band Helmet has announced a headline tour of 30 cities across Europe. Beginning in Lucerna Music Bar, Prague on …

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Event date: 8/5 20:00

Dub Pistols coming back to Prague in May

One of the most influential names of the genre, the British band Dub Pistols, will perform in May in Prague! The crazy crew around a frontman …

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Event date: 24/10 19:30

Gaia Mesiah se na prodloužené tour zastaví v Praze

After spring’s Excellent Mistake Tour, Gaia Mesiah has become so popular with the new album and the busy summer festival season that they …

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Event date: 16/10 20:00

Heather Nova will present her new album in Prague

Heather Nova is coming back twenty five years after her succesful debut album Oyster. The new album comes close to the best she has ever created …

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Event date: 14/3 19:00

Two-time Grammy Award-winning artist Kimbra coming in March with new EP

Two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning, critically acclaimed New Zealand artist Kimbra will release Songs From Primal Heart, Reimagined on October 26. …

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Máme dárkové poukazy!

Pokud chcete obdarovat svoje blízké koncertním zážitkem a zároveň nechat na nich, na co by chtěli jít, pořiďte jim naše dárkové poukazy. …

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Event date: 30/11 18:00

5 reasons why to attend the Sevdaliza’s show on Friday

On Friday November 30th our stage will host Sevdaliza – Iranian-Dutch singer, musician and one of the greatest sensations of the world …

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Event date: 22/11 20:00

5 reasons why to attend the Gary Numan’s show on Thursday

On Thursday 22nd November, Lucerna Music Bar will host British electronic magician Gary Numan. And we’ve got 5 reasons why you should come …

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