Event date: 15/2 20:00

Global star presents his second album Sahar

Global star Tamino will present his second album Sahar on February 15th. Born from Tamino’s Antwerp apartment and bolstered by collaborators …

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Event date: 6/3 20:00

Return of the boom bap – Masta Ace & Marco Polo back in Prague!

Masta Ace. One of the last of the 90’s East Coast rap greats. A working veteran who still holds up to the highest standards both in the …

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Event date: 22/1 18:30

Come and support the presidential candidate Petr Pavel

The second round of the presidential election is coming up! Come to the concert and support the presidential candidate Mr. Petr Pavel, whom we …

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Event date: 27/2 19:00

All Time Low returns to the Czech Republic after a long time

American rock band All Time Low returns to the Czech Republic after a long time. As part of their spring European tour, they will perform on …

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Event date: 1/12 20:00

Skyline will end the tour with a Christmas concert in Lucerna Music Bar

Skyline returns to Lucerna Music Bar as part of their autumn club tour.

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Event date: 5/12 19:00

nothing,nowhere. will bring his current album to Prague

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Event date: 6/12 19:30

Nová syntéza will remind the legacy of Radim Hladik

Kvůli covidu dvakrát odložený křest reedice dvou jazzrockových LP Nová syntéza rockové skupiny Blue Effect se nakonec uskuteční 6. prosince v …

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Event date: 27/11 19:00

Guitar virtuoso and composer Michal Pavlicek returns to Lucerna

Guitar virtuoso and composer Michal Pavlicek returns to Lucerna Music Bar with his trio. Don’t miss this extraordinary musical experience! …

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Event date: 24/11 20:00

Prago Union will celebrate 20 years with a special show

Although the culmination of the Prago Union celebrations can still be considered the new album Příduhned…, the end belongs to the concert …

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Event date: 21/11 19:30

MYDY will baptize new album “V”

MYDY will be launching their new album “V” at Lucerna Music Bar on November 4, 2022. Don’t miss it! The album V is very …

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Event date: 20/12 19:30

Mňága a Žďorp will perform two nights in a row

Mňága a Žďorp will traditionally stop at Lucerna Music Bar twice during their December tour – on 19 and 20 December. Tickets are …

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Event date: 8/2 20:00

Indy and Wich will perform last show

Legends and classics of Czech-Slovak hip-hop, Prague’s Indy and Wich + LA4 have announced their very last concert. The last two concerts …

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Event date: 13/11 19:00

The Tchendos will celebrate 25 years

Five years ago, they celebrated twenty years on the scene and rocked the roof full of Lucerna Music Bar. It’s been flying by, and on …

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Event date: 2/11 19:00

Legendary Pražský výběr coming back to Lucerna Music Bar

The legendary Pražský výběr returns to Lucerna Music Bar as part of their autumn tour. The band will be joined by regular guest DJ Roxtar. …

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Event date: 3/11 20:00

Winner of Anděl music award will baptize new album

The winner of the Anděl music award and the comet of the Czech musical sky Štěpán Hebík aka 7krát3 comes after two years since the release of his …

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Event date: 30/10 19:00

Synthpop Future Islands will present new album As Long As You Are

Future Islands are a band whose brilliance was always hiding in plain sight. One viral moment might have catapulted them to worldwide …

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Event date: 20/10 20:00

DJ and producer Roni Size coming back to Prague

Roni Size’s whole life has been about building something new from whatever was around him. From Bristol youthclub parties, through the white heat …

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Event date: 13/10 19:30

Levellers will come with new album Peace

Levellers are still going strong after over 30 years in the game. They have long been, and still are, one of the best live bands around and in …

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Event date: 12/10 20:00

DJ Krush will celebrate 30 years of his career

Legendary Japanese DJ and producer DJ Krush refuses aging and goes on 30th anniversary tour during which will return to Lucerna Music Bar. Born …

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Event date: 4/10 19:30

Legendary Mudhoney coming back to Lucerna Music Bar

Mudhoney will once again perform in their favourite Lucerna Music Bar on 4th of October 2022 on the occasion of celebrating 30th anniversary of …

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Event date: 13/9 20:00

Distinctive singer-songwriter will enchant Prague on September 13th

Nahko, a distinctive American singer-songwriter of Apache-Filipino-Portuguese descent, will enchant Prague on 13 September with his intimate and …

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Event date: 14/9 20:00

Slovak reggae band coming back to Lucerna Music Bar

Medial Banana returns to Lucerna Music Bar. Don’t miss their legendary show! An icon of Slovak reggae, this is how the Bratislava six …

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Event date: 29/9 20:00

The winner of the Anděl Award will perform at the end of September

The outstanding singer, author and winner of the Anděl award in the category of Discovery of the Year will play with her legendary band Bandjeez …

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Event date: 9/9 18:00

Superorganism will present new album World Wide Pop

Indie-pop band Superorganism will come to Lucerna Music Bar with new album World Wide Pop. When the first Superorganism music was uploaded in …

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Event date: 17/8 19:00

Bright Eyes return to the stage after many years of hiatus

Bright Eyes are returning to the world stage after many years of hiatus and they will not be missing at Lucerna Music Bar either on Wendesday …

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Event date: 29/7 18:30

The Afghan Whigs back in Prague after five years!

The Afghan Whigs – comprising frontman/guitarist Greg Dulli, bassist John Curley, multi-instrumentalist Rick Nelson, drummer Patrick Keeler and …

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Event date: 10/8 20:00

SYML presents new EP DIM

American producer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Fenell aka SYML will perform at Lucerna Music Bar with his new EP DIM, released on March 5th. …

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Event date: 11/8 20:00

Lucerna Music Bar welcomes another member of the Marley clan

Julian Marley is finally coming to Lucerna Music Bar! He will present his new 2019 album As I Am, released on his family’s label Ghetto …

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Event date: 29/6 20:00

Alice In Chains founding member Jerry Cantrell to perform at Lucerna in June

Beyond the instantly identifiable riffs and equally recognizable vocals, Jerry Cantrell will always be known as a songwriter, first and foremost. …

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Event date: 23/5 20:00

Don’t miss the N.O.H.A. dance party.

Kapela N.O.H.A. se 23. května vrací na pódium Lucerna Music Baru! Nenechte si ujít jejich nadupaný mix drum & bass, world music a dubstepu. …

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Event date: 2/6 20:00

IAMX will come with album Machinate

IAMX’s 2022 Machinate Tour showcases Chris Corner performing on a modular synth setup in celebration of his 2021 album by the same name. The set …

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Event date: 16/6 20:00

Emma & Jordan will present new album By Now

Emma Smetana & Jordan Haj are coming to Lucerna Music Bar with new album By Now, which will be released in June 2022. NobodyListen, founder …

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Event date: 11/5 20:00

Arrested Development will present new album

Cult hip hop band Arrested Development returns to Prague on May 11! You can look forward to tracks from the new album For the Fkn Love, as well …

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