Event date: 11/6 20:00

Legends of jamaican music The Congos and The Gladiators will come to Prague

All reggae lovers should put the date 11 June 2024 in their calendars, because on this day they don’t want to miss the show at Lucerna …

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Event date: 18/6 20:00

Nostalgic Boombox: Masta Ace and Marco Polo are coming back

Masta Ace and Marco Polo. The perfect combo. New Richmond Hill album after six years. It’s great. Great again. I hope these two don’t …

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Event date: 15/7 19:00

Living Colour will bring their funk-metal whirlwind to Lucerna Music Bar

Living Colour. The cult New York band, which has influenced the world music scene in a major way, is returning to Prague after many years. You …

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Event date: 13/5 19:00

Tereza Balonová will perform her biggest show

Tereza Balonová, the young, talented singer who won the Anděl award in the Discovery of the Year category, is preparing her biggest solo concert …

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Event date: 14/5 20:00

Rest and Kato will lounch their album in Lucerna Music Bar

Kato and Rest, two Adams who have been inseparably linked with the Czech hip hop scene for years, have joined forces in their joint project …

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Event date: 7/5 20:00

Dub Pistols have a new album. They will present it in Prague

Dub Pistols, the band around frontman Barry Ashworth, got together in 1996. And like any good band full of personalities, they’ve …

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Event date: 22/4 19:00

Indie-rockers Seafret will bring new album to Prague

Two years of work have paid off and the fans have lived to see it! Indie-rock band Seafret have a new album out. It’s called Wonderland and …

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Event date: 29/4 19:00

American pop-rock sensation PVRIS is coming to Lucerna Music Bar

The American pop-rock band of producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, PVRIS, is heading to Prague’s Lucerna Music …

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Event date: 15/4 20:00

Return of the Crooclyn Dodgers, Pt. 1 – Buckshot again in Prague, Radimo will have his back

90’s rap. Golden era. Gold chain. A mythical time of legendary releases and iconic figures. New York, the birthplace of rap, is a ticking …

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Hledáme posilu PR týmu

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Event date: 9/4 19:00

Slovak rockers Billy Barman bring new album to Prague

Slovak alternative rockers Billy Barman have a new record out and are touring to it! The album Galéria duševného zdraví is a small invitation …

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Event date: 11/4 19:00

Amistat return to Prague

A year ago Amistat completely charmed the fans in Prague and due to the huge interest their concert was moved to bigger venue. Even now most of …

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Event date: 26/3 19:00

The unique Australian artist Donny Benét will visit Lucerna Music Bar

It’s been more than a decade since this captor of women’s hearts with his unique look burst onto the stage, which he immediately …

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Event date: 27/3 19:00

Fast Food Orchestra will launch their album

“Nomads” of domestic and foreign highways Fast Food Orchestra has been delivering reggae and ska rhythms to clubs and festivals since …

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Pokáč is preparing a triple show for March

Czech singer-songwriter who plays guitar, ukulele and doesn’t have much hair – that’s Pokáč, whom you know well. In his lyrics …

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Event date: 22/2 20:00

DJ Krush will bring new album to Prague

Great news for electronic music lovers! One of the most important and influential DJs, Hideaki Ishi aka DJ Krush, will fly to Europe in February …

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Event date: 14/2 20:00

Come enjoy ValentýnSKA with Polemic

Polemic will rock the Lucerna Music Bar on February 14th! Come and enjoy the best ska-reggae vibes in Czechoslovakia.

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Event date: 25/1 20:00

The only performance of the singer 7krát3 with live band will be in Lucerna Music Bar

The only performance of the Czech musician, singer, producer and rapper 7krát3 with a live band this club season will take place on 25 January at …

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Event date: 14/1 20:00

Don’t miss out unique tribute to Elvis and Nirvana

Who would think of connecting Elvis Presley with Nirvana? But someone did, and a project called Elvana was created, which shows what it would …

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Event date: 20/12 20:00

MYDY will unwrap their glamtronic at Xmas concert

MYDY returns to Lucerna Music Bar and this time it will be almost a Christmas concert! Don’t miss out this! It will be an evening filled …

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Event date: 28/12 19:00

We will close the concert year with Kamil Střihavka

Kamil Střihavka, the owner of a unique voice, a singer who has been appealing to at least the second generation of fans (not only) in the Czech …

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Event date: 16/12 18:00

Transglobal Underground are returning to Prague after five years

Transglobal Underground are back in full force! In their new post-covid and post-Brexit era, they’re once again turning up to gigs and …

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Monkey Business pre-Christmas double concert awaits us

The kings and queen of Czech funk, the indescribable, unbridled and loved by all Monkey Business will rock the Lucerna Music Bar before Christmas …

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Event date: 11/12 19:00

Legendary songs of Blue Effect will commemorate the legacy of Radim Hladik

The legendary songs of Blue Effect from the two cult albums Nová syntéza 1 and 2 will come to life again on 11 December at Lucerna Music Bar, …

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We are opening Lucerna Cafe Bar

We have great news for you! On Wednesday 15 November, the new Lucerna Cafe Bar opened at 36 Vodičkova Street, expanding the Lucerna Music Bar and …

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Xavier Baumaxa celebrates 50 years at Lucerna Music Bar

The phantom of the Czech club scene, the icon of the stage, the terror of promoters and fans, the peasant from the Sudetenland and the guy next …

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Event date: 2/12 17:30

The ultimate indie-rock ride awaits us with Ash and The Subways

Ash and The Subways on the same stage in one night? That’s every indie-rock fan’s dream. Moreover, Ash released a new studio album …

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Event date: 1/12 18:00

Ragga-metal Skindred bring their new album

Ragga-metal Skindred released a new album this August and will present it to fans at Lucerna Music Bar on December 1st as part of THE SMILE TOUR. …

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Event date: 26/11 19:00

Mando Diao goes on tour for his eleventh studio album

Swedish rockers Mando Diao have been on the scene for an incredible 20 years and for this anniversary they have gifted themselves an eleventh …

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Event date: 20/11 18:15

Against the Current are entering new era

The New York pop-rock trio Against the Current is entering a new era and embarking on their fourth world tour, including a stop in Prague. For …

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Event date: 8/11 19:00

Alternative rockers Helmet go on tour for their new album

New York alternative rockers Helmet are releasing a new album this November, for which they have prepared an extensive tour for their fans. …

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Event date: 9/11 20:00

IKON released his debut album. He will launch it at Lucerna Music Bar

The singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tomáš Konůpka is behind projects such as Navigators, Android Asteroid, MYDY / Mydy …

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Event date: 2/11 20:00

N.O.H.A. will present new stuff at Lucerna Music Bar

The band N.O.H.A. or Noise of Human Art will once again rock Lucerna Music Bar! You can look forward to a unique etno-bass sound, which is …

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