We take a break

We take a break from Friday, October 2nd. When the tough government regulations are changed, we are ready to serve you a lot of musical …

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Hygienická a bezpečnostní opatření v Lucerna Music Baru

Dear visitors of Lucerna Music Bar, as you probably already know, there are restrictions on indoor cultural events due to anti-coronavirus …

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Event date: 23/9 20:00

Švihadlo ve středu pokřtí album Vůně trávy

Česká reggae a dub legenda vydala v březnu po dlouhých devíti letech šesté řadové album Vůně trávy, které pokřtí 23. září v Lucerna Music Baru za …

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Event date: 24/9 19:00

Funkový večer s Top Dream Company už ve čtvrtek

Koncert Top Dream Company v Lucerna Music Baru, který se odehraje 24. září 2020, by si neměl nechat ujít nikdo, kdo má rád pořádnou funk, soul …

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Rozdělení do sektorů

Na základě aktuálně platných opatření stanovených Ministerstvem zdravotnictví ČR bude Lucerna Music Bar na vybrané koncerty rozdělen na dva …

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Event date: 23/4 18:00

Sevdaliza will present new album

Iranian artist Sevdaliza remains one of the most revered artists to emerge from the past decade and a certified global force by amassing millions …

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Event date: 11/2 20:00

The Dead Daisies will bring their new album Holy Ground

Rock’n’Roll is a trip, not a destination…we all know how the saying goes!! In 2021, The Dead Daisies continue their journey with new music, …

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Event date: 27/8 17:00

Skyline release eight album Electricity

The traditional pre-Christmas party with Skyline will take place on December 16. This year, in addition to the classic energetic show, you can …

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80´s & 90´s video parties will start in Futurum on Friday 10th

Come to our related club Futurum Music Bar to enjoy popular video party with the biggest hits of 80th and 90th years selected by DJ Jirka …

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Otevíráme klub pod širým nebem!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Check out seven May eConcerts

A serie of seven May eConcerts is behind us. Thank you to everyone who came to the club or watched the shows at home for great atmosphere! If you …

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Event date: 23/9 20:00

Švihadlo pokřtí novou desku Vůně trávy

Česká reggae a dub legenda, kapela Švihadlo vydala v březnu po dlouhých devíti letech šesté řadové album s názvem Vůně trávy, které pokřtí 23. …

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Event date: 25/6 19:30

Mňága coming back to Lucerna Music Bar in June

After two packed December concerts, Mňága a Ždorp comes back to play to Lucerna Music Bar on 25th of June! In December, they played a couple of …

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Event date: 1/10 18:30

Vesna will baptize new album

The folk-pop girl band Vesna will baptize a new album in October at the Lucerna Music Bar.

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Otevíráme! Přijďte si užít Anetu, N.O.H.A. a Katarzii

Přátelé, živá hudba je zpátky! Přijďte si k nám tento týden užít koncerty Anety Langerové, N.O.H.A. a Katarzie. Otevíráme bary, takže můžete i s …

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Event date: 28/5 19:00

Aneta Langerová vystoupí v rámci série eKoncertů

Lucerna Music Bar přidává sedmé jméno do série eKoncertů, ve čtvrtek 28. května se v pražském klubu představí Aneta Langerová. Do klubu bude …

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Event date: 8/5 16:30

Spolu jedním hlasem. Tentokrát s publikem!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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Event date: 13/5 16:30

Musicians will play to Scientists

Czech musicians would like to thank CTU in Prague, a team of scientists, partners, donors and contributors On behalf of the Rector of CTU doc. …

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Event date: 10/4 16:00

Spolu jedním hlasem už v pátek z Lucerna Music Baru

V pátek 10. dubna se uskuteční největší online charitativní festival Spolu jedním hlasem, v rámci kterého se budou vysílat živé koncerty i z …

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Event date: 1/5 20:00

Get tickets for Concert about nothing and support us

We joined the NIC 2020 project, which was put together by GoOut and Hanka Třeštíková, councilor for Prague culture. You can support Lucerna Music …

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Information regarding canceling events

Due to regulation of the Ministry of Health to ban mass events with participation of over 30 people a lot of events were rescheduled or …

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Event date: 3/4 19:55

Live streams continue with Kapitán Demo show

Even when we are closed, you can enjoy live shows from Lucerna Music Bar. This time via live stream by MALL.TV. Check out Kapitán Demo live …

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Watch live streams from Lucerna Music Bar

Even when we are closed, you can enjoy live shows from Lucerna Music Bar. This time via live stream by MALL.TV. Check out great shows on our …

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Event date: 24/5 20:00

The Subways will celebrate 15 years from debut album

2020 is the year in which The Subways will celebrate 15 years since its debut album, Young For Eternity. The band is announcing next year not …

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Event date: 19/5 19:30

N.O.H.A. will baptize new album in May

Band N.O.H.A. is returning after several years of creative break to the world stage with a new mature album, which will be baptized at Lucerna …

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Event date: 19/8 20:00

Do not miss comeback of legendary Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes, after a long break, returns to the music business! Do not miss their show at Lucerna Music Bar on August 19th.

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Event date: 2/4 20:00

Russian Circles back in Prague after four years

Legends circulate about modesty of the instrumental post-metal trio Russian Circles. They grow directly proportional to the mileage of the …

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Event date: 24/3 20:00

United Flavour Here to stay album release party

An international group United Flavor prepared a big comeback! Already in February, they returned to the music scene with a party single Candela, …

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Event date: 27/2 20:00

Talented British band Seafret brings new album

Talented couple from the British Yorkshire, the band Seafret set a date for the release of their highly anticipated new album ‘Most Of Us Are …

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Event date: 12/3 20:00

Ageless legend DJ Krush back in Prague

Legendary Japanese DJ and producer DJ Krush refuses aging and goes on yet another world tour during which will return to Lucerna Music Bar on …

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Event date: 20/2 18:00

World-renowned guitarist Jesse Cook will visit Prague

World-renowned guitarist and Juno Prize winner will come to Prague on February 20, 2020 to show off his free style of guitar playing, blending …

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Event date: 3/3 19:30

Dancehall party with Elephant Man is heading to Prague

On 3rd of March, Lucerna Music Bar will host a huge dancehall night with Jamaican headliner Elephant Man! He will be supported by local bands and …

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