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What is happening, when you mix an African beat from the Joruba tribe with Moravian cymbal? You will find out, if you support the new album from Android Asteroid on or if you come to their record release concert on the 18th of December in the Lucerna Music Bar. Or both J

For sure you heard about them already. As first Czech band they recorded their album in the Abbey Road Studios in London, where hits were born from The Beatles and other stars. Android Asteroid always had big plans and sometimes they needed to push very hard and so they started every new project with fresh energy. Their new big plan is called: Ikaros.

The mixing of very different things was always essential for the band. The rhythm of the African Joruba tribe is complicated, because it is counted 4 against 3. And over that rhythm they play the melody of a cymbal. “Why the cymbal?” you want to ask a band, which played last year on the Red Bull Tour Bus and at Hip Hop Kemp?

“Every nation has its own instruments, we have the cymbal. We wanted to use it, we just didn’t know how.”, says the band. The song has nearly no text, it is more about the atmosphere, which they build. “We never did something so sophisticated.”

The new album is recorded in the Svárov Studio and mastered in New York from the Grammy award winner Tom Coy. The design is made by one of the top 200 designers of the world – Pavel Fuksa.

Android Asteroid decided to also release vinyls, but to do so, they need the help from their fans. Everybody, who is supporting, gets presents like CDs, vinyls or tickets for the concert on the 18th of December in the Lucerna Music Bar.


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