Event date: 16/12 18:00

Transglobal Underground are returning to Prague after five years

Transglobal Underground are back in full force! In their new post-covid and post-Brexit era, they’re once again turning up to gigs and leaving fans standing in mute amazement. Last year and this year they’ve already kicked it up a notch, and 2024 will be marked by even wilder developments. But before that, they’re going to put on one last truly exclusive show – in Lucerna Music Bar, with their original singer Natacha Atlas, who will be meeting the band on stage again for the first time in three years!

In the early 1990s, Transglobal Underground broke onto the electro-dance scene and became pioneers in combining club music with world music. They are especially famous for their live performances, which are full of energy and have made them one of the most popular performers at many music festivals. It is their energy and enthusiasm that has made them a world famous band that has visited countless countries with their show.

The current line-up of the band is mainly based on the original members. Hamid Mantu and Tim Whelan have teamed up with Sheema Mukherjee, one of the finest sitar players in the world and a major figure in the British story-teller scene, and also with Rave Neiyar, who has performed with the likes of the Bollywood Brass Band. So after more than thirty years, their shows are perhaps better than ever! Come and see for yourself.