Event date: 18/6 20:00

Nostalgic Boombox: Masta Ace and Marco Polo are coming back

Masta Ace and Marco Polo. The perfect combo. New Richmond Hill album after six years. It’s great. Great again. I hope these two don’t get it wrong! Usually two sold-out European tours a year. Like, every year. They’re normally in prime time! How is that possible? How is it possible that Masta Ace is in the form of his life in 2024? How is it possible that he’s been in the best shape of his life? How is it possible that someone’s career is defined by one album. That someone can be imprinted into eternity with one single, usually the first one. And someone is so fit that their entire career is framed and defined by their entire career? That’s not a different discipline, that’s a different sport. Sprint vs marathon. Since 1988 and the release of the single “Symphony” 36 years on the scene and on the level, that’s what I call performance. It’s “Good ‘Ol Love”, it’s “Born To Roll”, it’s “Breukelen (Brooklyn)”, it’s “Nostalgia”, it’s “Beautifull”…
Beats and rhymes. MPC, flow and screams.

It’s been clear since the hit “Nostalgia” with this duo. Move, but don’t change the sound. Don’t change the jersey, don’t change the team, don’t change the players. If true school boom bap rap is your blood type, these two will rip your vein out. Hold the flag and let it fly in the wind of trends.

They’re maturing. They fight the competition and the times with honor. No old-fashioned parody. None of their other stuff sounds awkward, forced or produced on a calculator.
Straight from Crooklyn, better known as Brooklyn comes Crooklyn Dodger #2.

Authenticity. Believability. Honesty. A personal message. Courage. Variety. Every record with a concept.
Masta Ace might be the guy who doesn’t have a monster hit that would pay for his comfortable retirement in the Caribbean. But a curse can be a gift. He’s still hungry after 50. He’s not afraid of confronting a young pack like Coast Contra.

He talks to make a point. It’s got substance. It’s got depth. Who’s one of your favorite rappers who recorded a song about a multiple sclerosis diagnosis? Who among the wolves isn’t afraid of topics like veganism?
He’s got something to say. He’s talking out of his ass, but he’s not hard to fake. He speaks for you, too. Believability. You know he’s not lying.

And the Breukelen Story – it was a blast last time. What about now with the new record after six years – Richmond Hill?

You just can’t miss a Masta Ace & Marco Polo concert. 18. 6. 2024 in Lucerna Music Bar, circle it in your calendar already.