Event date: 26/3 19:00

The unique Australian artist Donny Benét will visit Lucerna Music Bar

It’s been more than a decade since this captor of women’s hearts with his unique look burst onto the stage, which he immediately conquered. The native of Sydney, Australia, Ben Waples, who goes by the pseudonym Donny Benét, knows how to break through and impress nowadays. All it takes is an original outfit, properly groomed hair, a solid moustache and a good dose of 80s post-disco.

In his music Donny Benét works with synthesizers, electronic drums, saxophone or even electric bass. He can handle all the instruments and techniques himself, taking inspiration from Prince, Alan Vega, Jan Hammer and Lou Reed. Lyrically he is most influenced by Tom Jones. And right now he is releasing a new album, for which he will also embark on an extensive tour.

Donny Bennett’s sixth studio album is called Infinite Desires and will be released on the magical day of February 29, 2024. And as bold as Donny’s new album is, so is the launch of his own label, Donnyland Records, further proof that this man is not afraid of anything. With his new label, Donny also gains a new strength that will allow him to maintain the legacy he’s built since 2011 as he faces more challenges in the years to come.

The songs on the new album are playful yet powerful, passionate and confident. They are about romance, but also about respect. About intimacy and satisfaction, but also about consent. All of this comes to life under Donny’s baton through his animal energy and masculine musicality that electrifies audiences under stages around the world. Come be mesmerized by this captivating music!