Event date: 29/4 19:00

American pop-rock sensation PVRIS is coming to Lucerna Music Bar

The American pop-rock band of producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, PVRIS, is heading to Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar on April 29th to unleash their electropop, synth-pop and alt-rock whirlwind. PVRIS last appeared in Prague as a support for Fall Out Boy and put on a perfect show. Don’t miss them this time as headliners. The evening will be opened by a special guest – American singer Scene Queen.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen has been forging her own path in the music world for a decade with her project PVRIS. In 2014, she dazzled with her debut White Noise, hitting the big stages and earning her place on the rock scene. Lynn started out with a five-piece metalcore band and is now one of the most exciting things the rock scene has to offer, managing with just one permanent band member and a touring drummer. PVRIS are a unique act that has reached out to big names, having supported Fall Out Boy, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars and Paramore in the past.

“My job as an artist is definitely not to conform to any trends or perhaps the nostalgia of the audience. I have to go with what I feel compelled to do and try to discover what truths and messages I can find in it. I always have to take the risk of change and trust that each phase of my music will resonate with exactly who it’s meant to resonate with,” Lyndsey says of her ever-changing work.

Don’t miss this unique music live!