Event date: 8/11 20:00

5 reasons to attend Anna Calvi concert

Anna Calvi, a British guitarist and singer songwriter, will play in Lucerna Music Bar on Thursday 8th November. If you’re still thinking about what to do with your Thursday evening then please read the 5 reasons to stop hesitating with your tickets purchase.

1. Phenomenal live shows
Anna Calvi is unbelievably breathtaking. She can turn from dark and cloudy register to a guitar ecstasy in a second and accumulate so much energy that everyone is on her side immediately.

2. She is coming with a new album
In August, Anna released an album Hunter produced by Nick Launay who is responsible for the sound of Nick Cave. The bass player on the record is Martyn Casey of The Bad Seeds and Adrian Utley of Portishead played the keys. The record was received very well by the critics and fans and you can come hear it live in Prague.

3. A symbol of female emancipation
A virtuoso guitar player, composer, singer. A cross-genre artist working with many topics and motives. On her new album, Anna is reflecting on a feeling of freedom, one’s own sexuality and the borders of genre conformity. “I fight against the outsider feeling and I wish to find a place where I will feel like at home. I believe a gender is a spectrum,” Anna Calvi said about the album Hunter.

4. Collaboration with music legends
Apart from the aforementioned chaps from The Badseeds and Portishead, Anna Calvi has worked with the Legendary David Byrne, the frontman of Talking Heads. A big hit Strange Weather came out of their collaboration.

5. Loved by the music critisc
All along her music career Anna has been nominated for various awards – BBC Sound, UK Festival Awards, Brit Awards or the prestigious Mercury Prize. She has won many of them so there is no doubt about her musical qualities. Come listen with your own pair of ears. :-)