About the event:

“I was first aware of the DANDIES round 1993 or 4. It was a a heady time then, GRunge was breaking bad, I was booking an all ages club called the X-Ray cafe, and pretty much at the end of my rope when it came to booking “an alternative” band. You mean bass, drums, guitar…verse, chorus, verse, chorus? whoo hoo… It was just becoming kinda a sausage, unsexy, loud, macho boy, aggressive kind of scene/sound there, for a bit. Not to say that there weren8t some great loud unsexy bands that I enjoyed or booked but you get the picture…

So I heard about Courtney Taylor’s new band called THE DANDY WARHOLS. I heard that they had that youngster/cutie pie, Zia in it who was just about ready to start hustlin’ cigarettes for camel. For me at least, this mysterious guitar fellow, Pete (where did he come from, anyway?) I also knew Eric their original drummer from various nights on the town. I just know they were talked about with the sort of “you had to be there, oh my god! One long jam, Zia took her shirt off! oh my god!” kind of way.

You either get it or you don’t. Courtney GETS IT! I really did and still do love just sitting and listening to him talk about his band, the scene, art, wine, famous people, not famous people, my mom, really anything.

They were making the scene round PORTLAND, but became INTERNATIONAL stars after someone across the pond had the foresight to use their music for commercials, films, jingles and whatever else happened. Fortunately for the WORLD The DANDY WARHOLS were equipped to handle the fame with grace, style, a bit of humility (not too much of that though, Rockstars shouldn’t be too humble) but never losing touch with their friends back home.

We loved to hear the tales of the festivals and the people that they met. David Bowie, Keith Richards, Parker Posey, John Taylor, shit, I don’t know all the famous people thy have met, befriended, or collaborated with, but it’s an impressive list. To be able to witness in person, how smooth and effortless they looked and sounded on the red carpet. They were fantastic! Zia, in particular, speaking to Danish television about how important it is to be a great mother and still being able to take cannabis in a fun responsible manner, without it coming off like a stoned mom. She was so elegant and perfect. I love Zia!

I just got done listening to THE DANDY WARHOLS first LIVE Album EVER! It’s titled [13 Tales From Urban Bohemia] LIVE at the Wonder Ballroom. The driver of the car was particularly impressed on how it sounds like a LIVE record.

Always knowing you are the best, smartest, prettiest, funny, sexy, stoniest, friendly, and everybody wants to be around girl/boy on your arm, on the red carpet, getting your picture taken, and know that your entrance and exit will be perfect! Well done, Dandies! I’m so glad to know you, listen to your music, and knowing full well that wonderful circle you have made. No more bohemia, bohemia now…you dig? Oh yeah, I loved their appearance on Regis a few years ago… Smoke it! Youtube THAT SHIT.”

Tres Shannon, Capricorn – Voodoo Doughnuts / X-Ray Cafe (Portland)

Written on the 15th of January 2014 in Denver.

(Tres booked the very first concert of the Dandys on the 27th of January 1994 in X-Ray cafe in Portland)

support: Suns of Thyme / D

Line-up tonight:
18:30 club open
19:00 Suns of Thyme
20:00 The Dandy Warhols
21:30 end of show


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