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The Sheppard family already brought their collective musical dream to life in their native Australia. The group–whose foundation includes siblings George, Amy, and Emma Sheppard–went from penning songs on their front porch to knocking Pharrell Williams’ mega-hit “Happy” off the top of the Australian charts with the international smash “Geronimo”. It’s just a precursor of what’s to come though as the Australian multi-platinum indie six-piece have officially launched their 2014 debut US EP, Geronimo.

Their story starts two and half thousand miles from Brisbane in the tropical Pacific paradise of Papua New Guinea, where the family moved with their lawyer father. Music was in the air from day one. Dad blasted Cat Stevens in the house to get the kids out of bed in the mornings, while mom sent them for lessons in piano and music theory. George, Amy and Emma, the three siblings at the center of the band could not be more primed for career writing and performing music.

The siblings quickly expanded their band to include guitarist and producer Jay Bovino, guitarist Dean Gordon, drummer Michael Butler and their younger sister Emma on bass guitar. After writing nearly 30 songs, and after much persistence, they were granted a meeting with Australian music industry legend, Michael Chugg, who would become their manager.

With Chugg’s experience on their side and their “DIY” spirit, the band continued to break the mold as radio stations in Australia began to embrace the group’s first single “Let Me Down Easy,” without major label support.

“Let Me Down Easy” was a breakthrough for Sheppard in Australia. The band secured their first major television appearance performing on the popular television show, Mornings, with host and radio DJ, David Campbell. After the performance, “Let Me Down Easy” became a national, double platinum selling sensation. Unprecedented success followed with the release of their history-making, quadruple-platinum 2014 single “Geronimo.” It quickly vaulted to #1 on Australia’s ARIA charts in only three weeks and held the top spot for another three weeks, making it the “longest-running independent #1 in Australian music history.” Sheppard released their first Australian full-length, Bombs Away, in the summer of 2014 and the album received gold certification shortly after.

Ultimately, Sheppard spreads a little light through each song. “Even though some of the subject matter can be dark, we make light of it,” George concludes. “It’s about laughing through tragedy and making sad things happy. This is music for the underdog. I hope it offers up some fun, laughter and happiness.”

Sheppard is coming for the first time to Prague to the Lucerna Music Bar on the 29th of June.

Money For Rope / AUS

20:00 club open
21:00 Money For Rope
22:00 Sheppard


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