Event date: 16/7 19:00

Synthwave duo The Midnight will conquer Prague once again

All synthwave lovers can rejoice! The Midnight duo returns to Prague! This Los Angeles-based band, mainly led by Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan, visited Prague for the first time in 2019, when they sold out Futurum.

The Midnight was formed in 2012. Tyler and Tim met at a co-writing workshop and wrote something themselves not long after. The resulting singles, WeMoveForward and Gloria, were released on their debut EP two years later. The track Gloria is even the most successful on their YouTube channel, with a whopping 11 million views. It’s so clear that from the very beginning, there was something between Tyler and Tim that could work musically. And it does.

From the start, The Midnight have been creating in a very specific style, it’s synthwave and futuresynth, and yet it’s retro. It’s energetic electronica, yet chillwave. It’s more deep than house, but it’s livelier than pop. It’s a signature style that you won’t find in any other band. So come and enjoy it live!