Event date: 11/12 19:00

Legendary songs of Blue Effect will commemorate the legacy of Radim Hladik

The legendary songs of Blue Effect from the two cult albums Nová syntéza 1 and 2 will come to life again on 11 December at Lucerna Music Bar, where they will be played by Blue Effect Tribute, with the original members of the original band Vojtěch Říha and Václav Zima, and the excellent Kyx Orchestra from Chrudim. Both groups have already rehearsed Blue Effect songs with Radim Hladík in 2015. During the evening, guests will be introduced – guitarists Adam Krofian and Roman Helcl and singers Pavel Bohatý, Iva Marešová, Tomáš Fröde and Yannick Tevi from the band Vanua2. In addition, the Supraphon label is re-releasing a remastered album 33, which will be christened by Radim Hladik’s representatives. Don’t miss this unique musical event!