Event date: 15/7 19:00

Living Colour will bring their funk-metal whirlwind to Lucerna Music Bar

Living Colour. The cult New York band, which has influenced the world music scene in a major way, is returning to Prague after many years. You can’t get any closer to the legends, so don’t miss this show.

Living Colour have had a busy career and even after forty years it’s not over. In the mid-eighties, this band decided to bet on originality, bursting onto the scene with a fusion of seemingly disparate musical styles and laying the foundations of crossover with their mix of hard rock, heavy metal, funk and jazz. Over time, Living Colour have refined their work to such an extent that they can safely be considered one of the founders of funk metal.

Living Colour were an absolute revelation on the music scene. With their very first recordings they charmed Mick Jagger, who decided to help them produce their first album. The album Vivid immediately gained recognition across the music world and was the imaginary ticket to the “big names”. It didn’t take long for Living Colour to become a big name themselves. They won a Grammy the year after the release of their debut, became Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards and capped off their string of success with yet another Grammy the very next year.

But Living Colour is definitely not one of those who succeed once and then just take advantage of what has somehow “succeeded”. They keep the bar high and even though they took a break for a few years, it didn’t change their determination. Maybe the opposite. And even though they’ll probably never top their absolute smash hit Cult of Personality (which has 145 million plays on Spotify alone and just won them their first Grammy), it doesn’t mean their newer stuff won’t follow on the heels of that classic. Because funk metal isn’t dead yet. It’s still one of the most interesting things you can hear. And more importantly, it’s one of the most interesting things you can see (especially by Living Colour).

Unique music is not Living Colour’s only asset. Equally important are their live shows, during which they can absolutely captivate the entire audience. They show this in the Czech Republic, which they have a superior relationship with, every time they visit. But… They haven’t been here for too long now. And that’s why it’s high time. Who wants to experience this legend again (or again), knows where not to miss on July 15!

The Prague-Liberec rock band Nanday will be the support during the evening.