Event date: 14/6 19:00

Jazz masters Mezzoforte return to Lucerna Music Bar

We’ve already seen the jazz-funk band Mezzoforte from Iceland at Lucerna Music Bar, so we know that it’s an unforgettable and perfectly tuned show. After all, what else to expect from a project that was founded 45 years ago and still appeals, entertains and does not lag behind. The main goal of the band is to entertain the audience, offer interesting musical methods and blend them together. It might seem that it’s hard to avoid stereotypes when you’ve been creating for over forty years, but Mezzoforte prove that it can be done. That a band can be active for many years without being boring, that it’s possible to adapt to the era without losing authenticity. They will be performing at Lucerna Music Bar on June 14 as part of the One Day Jazz Festival, so be there.