Event date: 15/4 20:00

Jaga Jazzist coming back to Lucerna Music Bar in April

Jaga Jazzist are one of the most celebrated and the most influential Norwegian bands. They are considered to be the nujazz leaders claiming their respect above all by their experimental approach to compositions and the original fusion of jazz, electronic music and post-rock. A separate chapter are their energetic concerts. If you saw them in Lucerna Music Bar two and half years ago you can surely confirm that :-)

Their latest studio product is a single called Prokrastinopel featuring a Swedish guitarist Reine Fiske. Have a listen here:

Jaga Jazzist came to live in 1994 consisting of young aspiring people loving music and it’s creation. The main characters are three siblings Lars, Martin and Line Horveth. They include many instruments in their music: trombone, trumpet, electric guitar, bass, vibes, bass clarinet, sax, drums, tuba and synthetizers. Jaga Jazzist are on a cult label Ninja Tune. Their last studio album called Starfire came out in 2015.