Event date: 22/4 19:00

Indie-rockers Seafret will bring new album to Prague

Two years of work have paid off and the fans have lived to see it! Indie-rock band Seafret have a new album out. It’s called Wonderland and tells the story of the band with all the ups and downs, speaking to the listeners with honesty and hope. On it, Seafret capture everything from heartbreak to loss to the joy that love and new life brings. Nothing suits the indie-rock tones better than lyrics with a dash of worldview, but that also offer faith in a better tomorrow.

“It’s the project we’re most proud of,” Jack Sedman says of the record. “We invested the most of ourselves into it and put a lot of emotion into it.” Draper adds: “We tried to find a certain balance, so there are songs on the record that are about heartbreak, but at the same time there are songs that can uplift. Wonderland is a bit of stepping out of our comfort zone, which was great. We found with that, when we do that, when we really step out of our comfort zone, that people still genuinely like our music.”

If you like it too, you can’t miss this show!