Event date: 7/5 20:00

Dub Pistols have a new album. They will present it in Prague

Dub Pistols, the band around frontman Barry Ashworth, got together in 1996. And like any good band full of personalities, they’ve experienced a lot of extremes, both positive and negative, over the last quarter century plus. They’ve become known for their explosive shows, their fresh work and the energy they put into their songwriting and live performances. Dub Pistols have shaped, changed and not stayed still. They are simply one of those bands that are vibrant not only musically, but in every way. Now they’re finally going to do it again in Prague after a long time, with a new album.

The album Frontline is the ninth studio album by Dub Pistols and its title refers to the 1981 riots that took place in the suburbs of London in response to the violent behaviour of the police towards people from the local black community. With this record, Dub Pistols are trying to make the point that quite possibly the world is heading for the same problems that plagued England in the seventies and early eighties. It’s a reaction to the English government and the unrest in society. And who else should be drawing attention to this than a band that is from London, that is directly affected by these issues and that is and wants to be heard.

After a forced covid hiatus that basically brought the entire music world to a halt, the Dub Pistols, like so many other bands, have “returned” with much more power, energy and gusto. And it shows not only on the new album, but also in their performances. So don’t miss them in Prague!