Event date: 24/7 19:00

Aussies Wolfmother will rouse Lucerna Music Bar

Wolfmother, the Australian classic of the genre with a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song Woman, returns to Prague on July 24th. Come and enjoy this perfect return to the past with one of the most interesting rock bands of today.

Wolfmother, while not just Andrew Stockdale, is very much Andrew Stockdale. The band has been going and making music for twenty years, but the only constant is the frontman, singer and guitarist all in one. And no wonder. There are bands where you can replace the singer, where the soul of the whole band is more than the vocals, and the fans will understand the change. But then there are bands where it’s absolutely unimaginable. And Wolfmother is one of those bands. The other members change quite often. Stockdale stays.

Stockdale’s singing is something incredible. You’ll always recognize him everywhere, and it’s understandable that the band won a Grammy for Woman. It’s a masterpiece. It’s not just a great job with specific vocals, but like all the band’s work – it’s about honest hard rock, hard guitar, rhythmic bass and a good sprinkling of drums. Plus, it sounds totally old-school, and yet it’s actually modern.

Wolfmother know how to work with the seventies sound that is present in their work and that refers to the great bands of that time, like Motörhead, but they do it differently. It’s more fresh, adapted to the time, referring, yet still original and not copying. It’s a big deal, with nearly three million listeners a month on Spotify alone. And that’s saying something. Come and enjoy this great ride too!