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In an ever-changing world that’s currently lifting the veil and exposing all the things society historically swept under the rug, we need a clairvoyant voice for the people. We need fierce vulnerability and truth.

We need Angel Haze.

The Detroit-born musician has endured some of life’s most unfathomable experiences and, like an alchemist, can conjure whiplash freestyles (“Cleaning Out My Closet”), inspirational vitamins (“Battle Cry” with Grammy nominated artist Sia) and daring visuals (the haunted “Resurrection”). These elements rightfully come together, making Haze the musician fans and critics respect today.

“I went through a lot of fucking growth,” says the rapper-singer who spent most of her earlier years growing up in a cult while being sexually abused by a family friend. But after Angel’s mother fled the extremist church and moved the family to Brooklyn, New York, Haze found that poetry was her true ministry. “I’ve had to accept a lot of things about myself and transform the things I don’t like. Then I came out on the other side. I’m really proud of it.”

By the time she was 18, Haze had won several competitions as a young poet and took her love for the culture to YouTube and Tumblr where she found her unvarnished, confessional lyrics adored by listeners who’ve never heard her life stories told in such a public way.

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